History of Shobu Aikido; Aikido School Affiliated with Hombu Dojo, Japan

Shobu Aikido means "wisdom" and "warrior saint". The "Ai" signifies the harmonious unification of heaven and earth, personal and universal "Ki" and blending with your partner's energy. "Ki" is the fundamental creative energy principal. "Do" means the path or way of life. Shobu was the last name chosen by the founder to exemplify the meaning of Aikido by Morihei Ueshiba, known as O'Sensei.

Shobu Aikido Houston was founded in 1990, and is affiliatied with Aikido Schools Of Ueshiba and World Headquarters in Japan.

Aikido was created by the founder, O' Sensei as a way to resolve conflict with compassion. It requires self reflection, self knowledge, a balanced body, a centered mind and a compassionate heart in order to obtain true victory, victory over oneself!

The most important concept of Aikido as taught by O' Sensei, Saotome Shihan and Arango Sensei. In Japanese it is stated as follows:


"True victory is self victory right here right now"

Aikido uses natural movement with an understanding of science, timing, spacing, and body mechanics, combined with Japanese Samurai Secrets in order to take control of conflict at its inception.

Continued training in Aikido creates a peaceful warrior with a strong body, calm mind and the skills to control, disarm and neutralize attackers. Aikido is a path that will influence and improve your daily life, your body, your brain, your heart and your health.

The school will become your oasis and sanctuary. It is a place to be present and learn to face challenges with a centered mind, elegant posture and correct action.

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